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The Ultimate Links Experience

Four Days of Instruction, GolfPsych Analysis, Club Fitting, Sports Massage and More

We have teed up “The Game Changer.” Achieve the best possible game with this intensive four day golf program sure to shave strokes for golfers of all levels. This head-to-toe instructional program seeks to pinpoint problem areas, eliminate bad habits and take participants to a whole new level of golf play.

Led by Director of Instruction Brech Spradley – who trained under several of Golf Digest’s 50 Greatest Teachers including Chuck Cook, Mac O’Grady, and Ben Doyle – this all-inclusive experience boasts a comprehensive four day golf “boot camp” that includes a pre-arrival GolfPsych evaluation, nine holes each day, rigorous drills and skill assessments. 

But, this experience also takes a look at aspects that influence the game off of the course - fitness instruction by the resort’s Titleist Performance Institute Certified Instructors, spa sessions, golf nutrition and much more.

Brech and his staff customize the program to each golfer and sets them on a path for both immediate and long-term improvement.

For more information or to book your experience, contact Chase Kelly, Director of Golf Sales at (512) 329-4002.



 Shot-By-Shot Data Collection
 GolfPsych Test – This personality assessment is completed online prior to coming to Barton Creek, and results included detailed recommendations on how participants can improve their mental game. 

Day One - Day of Arrival

9 Holes and Review with Brech Spradley

Day Two - Assessment Day

 Review of Mental Assessment, Video, 3D Vest and Putting Assessment
 Callaway Performance Center Club Fitting
 Fitness and Nutrition Assessment
 9 Holes and Review with Brech

Day Three - Learn & Apply

 Drills and Instruction with Brech 
 Fitness Evaluation / Personal Training Session
 9 Holes with Brech – On-Course Review and Instruction
 Sports Massage at Three Springs Spa
 Dinner with Brech

Day Four - Learn & Apply

 Drills with Brech – Fitness Coach Joins to Review Strength Training
 Lunch at Barton Creek Academy
 9 Holes with Brech
 Final Assessment, Improvement Plan, Next Steps & Improvement Metrics
“We were so impressed from the moment we arrived!”

Robert Quintana